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How common SEO mistakes play spoilsport to your site!

SEO mistakes - gives momentum to the fall in SERP & PR. So never hurry up to get things done fast
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Common SEO mistakes that can spoil all your efforts

As an owner of a website you are always keen in making good business with it. And you are ready to take all possible steps in promoting the site with the best possible means. You do take some search engine optimization strategy and hope those will work to give you best results. But do you know that just a few common SEO mistakes can spoil everything! For say, choosing some keywords that do not aptly fit your business type, some useless links, pirated text content can lead your site to be banned or pushed downward in the search engine results page (SERP).

Again it may be the case that you as a website owner are too much impatient for getting quick result against your monetary investments. But you should not think likewise! Remember just a few common SEO mistakes can completely spoil your dream. We at Infowaylive, a PHP developer Los Angeles and SEO service provider, ask every customer to be patient and show how common SEO mistakes made in hurry can doom your website forever. Here are some of the common mistakes:

  • Stealing content from others: Search engines value content rich sites. But at the same time your site content has to be unique. But in hurry you like to put content pirated from other sites. Remember this is one of the most dangerous SEO mistakes! For this reason your site may be banned by the search engines or it will never come in the desired position of SERP. Never think of piracy but think of original content development for your site. Again do not stuff the writings with excessive keywords – it is illegal SEO affair.
  • Improper choice of keywords: It is very much essential for search engine optimization that you choose proper keywords matching your business. And for this purpose you need help from experts. Simply choosing keywords without having proper analysis on its demand or excessive relying on long tail keywords point your effort as one of the SEO mistakes. So always use keywords according to your business purpose, demographic of the target audience etc.
  • Use of flash or frames and tags: For making your site beautiful you may be using flash animations or the frames. But do you know excessive use of these may adversely affect on the SEO efforts? Not even that, sometimes the proper html tags (making the files or images recognizable to the search engine crawlers) are not used. Never make these SEO mistakes – simply your efforts will go into deep sea!
  • Wrong link exchange process: With the desire of getting back-links, you may be exchanging links at random! But do you know that improper link exchange can bring no result? Simply the search engines like to find how relevant are the links for your type of business – if the links are found irrelevant, your complete labor in doing this process is useless. So do not try another avoidable of the common SEO mistakes.
  • No black hat technique: Last here but not the least – do not fall in the hand of mischief makers (even do not take advice) or the black hat SEO specialists. These people use hidden texts or keywords in your site in high density. For these the search engines primarily give value to a site and provide better position in SERP. But soon the spamming comes in notice of the search engines, they ban the site forever. There are also other processes of black hat SEO. So whatever other SEO mistakes you commit by chance, never do this one for sure!

Anybody can avoid these mistakes and with some fruitful efforts achieve good position in SERP. But I would not blame you for these SEO mistakes if you are not aware of proper SEO techniques! There is no issue of not being aware of white SEO techniques – only hire SEO expert from any reputed company which has a great track record in providing the best of SEO service. If you find a proper partner, there will be no SEO mistakes – at least these common ones – spoiling your all SEO efforts.

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