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Keyword rich domain names: How important it is in respect of SEO

Every one of us does like to see our websites in better position of the search engine results page (SERP)! And this is natural that we are ready to pick out every possible opportunity to reach that position, so we get the best SEO services involved in the process! However, here the question is of “keyword rich domain names”! So the discussion is on the benefit you can milk out from the domain name!

Well, this matter of asking suggestion on use of keyword rich domain names has become a common factor for Infowaylive, a PHP developer Los Angeles, and SEO services company. We simply put following factors in front of our clients to find out if there is any importance of keyword rich domain names or not:

  • Till date search engine value domain names with keywords: There will be hardly any confusion regarding the presence of primary keywords in a domain name of a site. If you just google, you can find out that the search results are having a priority to domain name consisting of search keywords. Almost every search engines are having the algorithm of this kind. So if you are selecting one of the keyword rich domain names which are matching with your primary keyword (s) then your decision is not wrong.
  • Taking advantages of visitor tendency: It is inevitable that you are doing everything to get clicks from the visitors. And it is found that a large number of visitors are prone to click on research results that contain domain names matching their search phrase. So if you get an opportunity to take advantage of this tendency through selecting one of the keywords rich domain names for your site, you should do it.
  • Important for landing page creation: Sometimes it is found that you have to create a landing page for your site (a marketing policy to grab attention of people for a specific product/service). This may be the case that you have an existing site the domain name of which does not contain the targeted keywords. In this respect you have to buy one of the keyword rich domain names for the creation of your landing page. This will enable better marketing of the products/services.
  • Branding business may avoid this matter: It is true that keywords rich domain names are important for websites. But if you trying to brand product or well known service you may easily avoid choosing a domain name with keywords. The reason is simple – people would directly search with the brand and your site may come to the fore.
  • Keyword rich domain names boost many off-page SEO: There are some search engine optimization processes where domain names come in good use. For example, in directory submissions, and classified add submissions domain names get value. The reason is very simple as in such submissions the little description or the domain names are shown. So here again the visitor tendencies come in use.

Hope you have understood the matter of selecting one of the keyword rich domain names! Now it is up to you to decide which way to go. Again when you hire SEO expert, your expectation is that he or the SEO team will certainly guide you properly. But this only happens when they are expert and experienced. Hope you select one of such expert people and your site creation with or without one of the keyword rich domain names get successful!

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