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Know the hidden factors of open source ecommerce development

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Open source ecommerce development - advantages vs disadvantages

Just a few years ago there was nothing named “open source ecommerce development”. Everything used to be custom-code. The programmers used to take quite a few days for developing a site! But things have changed a lot. Now open source coding has come into being – developers get modules ready to use and little customization on those build your site in no time. It is true that within your afford you can develop your website with open source. You would also have scope of future improvement just adding some plug-ins or extensions.

Well, Infowaylive, a PHP developer Los Angeles provides customers all types of open source ecommerce development. Clients ask us on the advantages and disadvantages of using open source. Now let’s see just a few points that we place before them to decide use of open source. First have a look on the advantages:

  • Everything is almost ready: While you are looking to build an ecommerce website fast, it is always better to go for open source ecommerce development. The reason is simple as almost every type of open source has various ecommerce modules ready. Take the example of Zen cart which is an ecommerce ready shopping cart. You may also use multiple store development with Magneto.
  • Lots of scope for future improvements: You may not want to plunge in the online market with full-fledged investment. With open source ecommerce development, there is always a scope of future integration of facilities. There are thousands of plug-ins or add-ons in all kinds of open source developments for enhancing site functionalities as per your future needs.
  • It is really affordable: We always try to know from the clients about their budget on the project. Depending on which we suggest them to use open source ecommerce development or going for custom coding. Simply we know that the open source is free to use (if you do not go by high end enterprise or corporate level development). Small companies can use open source easily without hassle.

Well there are other lots of advantages of using open source ecommerce development. But now lets have a look on few disadvantages too:

  • Little vulnerable to security issues: Yes, it is true that open source implies open coding and that is easy to be hacked. This could happen if the coders are little inexperienced and keeping some loop holes in the open source ecommerce development. For example, if your site is getting highly popular within few days so you should not keep your site without security measures like SSL or others.
  • Trouble during plug-in customization: You are going for free use of plug-ins, extensions or add-ons . But sometimes you face difficulties in customizing the plug-ins. You cannot do anything other than scratching your head! This is one of the major drawbacks of open source development.
  • Compatibility issues: In overall open source ecommerce development you have to burn much fuel to make your development process compatible with different browsers or operating systems. This especially occurs with use of plug-ins and sometimes a few elements of different ready widgets.

So these are the few aspects of using open source for your ecommerce website development. Now everything depends on what type of web design and development services you are deciding to go for. Maximum time you would find that developers are ready to provide both custom and open source development! Everything depends on your choice.

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