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Use of Google Closure compiler

Google Closure compiler makes JavaScripts error free & easy to use
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Google Closure compiler – why and where to use

While working with several JavaScript, developers do face some problems to test the scripts or testing if those are compatible on several operating systems or browsers. It is found that due to the errors of the JavaScripts web pages do not function properly! Then what is the solution? There is solution – that is JavaScript compilers. There are several compilers like Google closure compiler, YUI Compressor and a few that help fixing problems of java scripts through checking syntax, showing warnings, rewriting, etc.

At the time of working in several projects clients do ask us (Infowaylive, a PHP developer India) why use Google closure compiler tool? We tell them the following reasons of using this Google compiler in maintaining the standard & quality of our web design and development services.

  • Compiles JavaScript better: There are several javascript compilers and those do work fine. But it is the Google closure compiler that not only checks the syntax and type of the script; it can also rewrite those into better script in compressed mode.
  • Can be run from command line: It is really one of the best opportunities provided by Google closure compiler to run this open source java application from the command line. So there is hardly any problem in using this compiler to correct the scripts or in rewriting those anew.
  • Makes scripts download and run fast: It is very essential that the javascripts are downloaded in the user machine fast. Otherwise the bandwidth consumption increases too much. Thanks to Google closure compiler that compresses (compiles) the files in such a manner that bandwidth consumption and load time decreases commendably.
  • REST API in use: No other compiler works nicely and their use is not that much easy. It is only because Google closure compiler uses Representational State Transfer (REST) application programming interface (API) that maximizes the use of the pre-existing, well-defined interface and other built-in capabilities provided by the chosen network protocol. It minimizes the addition of new application-specific features on top of it. So at the time of compiling the scripts things go easy and fast.
  • A better warning system: If you use Google closure compiler tool, you would find that the warning system provided by it is far better than other compilers. It warns against the potentially dangerous operations of JavaScript. So you produce or create scripts that are less buggy and smooth to maintain.

So these are the few best features cum benefits of using Google closure compiler. But it is not that you always have to use the compiler. Even if the compiler is used by the inexperienced developers or the designer, it may produce not so expected result! Finally we may say the compiler is an open source application tool and day by day it is improving with newer features.

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