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Multilingual SEO: How effectively it can help you in online business promotion

Today businesses are not limited to the nation from where it originates. Now the concept is very much multinational. But a little issue has come up –a website in English language is facing difficulty to penetrate deep into the 2/3 mass of world population who does not speak English. So, what is the solution? Will there be a need to build multilingual website? Is it possible to go for such a huge expense of creating your site in a several vernaculars while your budget does not permit? No, the solution lies in multilingual SEO. Just applying a few search engine optimization techniques – making main language recognized to the search engines, URL structuring, care on proper crawling factors and submitting to foreign (non English) search engines can make your site more visible to the world audience. In other words multilingual SEO service is what a site owner needs to grab the world market at large.

Infowaylive is a SEO services company and at the same time PHP developer India. We have been providing clients with top class SEO services. We do get international or multinational businesses demanding promotion of their business to people speaking foreign languages other than English. We provide them multilingual SEO services in the following ways to make their investment in promotion successful.

  • Helping search engines recognize languages: All the search crawlers try to know what the main language of the website is. The crawler gets confused as there are some optimizers who use duel languages side by side in the body text and in meta tags. It is better to create several pages in different languages with unique URLs. You then need to cross link the pages to let the users find your content in different languages. And the search engines would recognize all these pages, while those would not be counted as duplicate content.
  • Getting URLs structured properly: It is found that multilingual websites are not having proper URL structure. And this careless attitude from your multilingual SEO service provider would land you on quite good difficulty. Even sometimes including some unwanted characters in the URL may make your initiative of using multilingual SEO to go in vain (seeing the URLs users fail to understand the language website supports). Simply using UTF-8 encoding of URLs you could avoid the special characters coming in your site URLs.
  • Encouraging crawlers to crawl all the pages intended by you: For many cases it is found that all the pages of your multilingual site is not crawled. It may happen due to the inexperience of your multilingual SEO service provider. Simply avoiding the use of separate cookies for showing translated pages, or unwanted redirecting of pages, crawlers can be guided to crawl all the pages properly.
  • Individual pages acting as introductions: Sometimes budget does not permit to make the whole site in several vernaculars! As a solution your multilingual SEO service provider can advise you to make a single language for the whole site and several individual pages (describing what type of service or products you offer in a summarized way) in different languages. These pages will ask users to redirect to your main site (which is in a particular language) or show contact information to communicate with the users in their language! There should not be any automatic redirect; otherwise, search engines will count those individual pages as doorway pages and consider the effort as spamming!
  • Submitting your site to foreign search engines: Last here but not the least technique – your multilingual SEO service provider should properly submit your multilingual sites to foreign (not English) search engines. Say for targeting Spanish people you should submit your site to Spanish search engines. Remember Google is not the last word.

Well these are just a few simple yet important factors that you and your selected multilingual SEO service provider should take care of. Otherwise all your initiative of building a multilingual site goes to sea. Well it is always recommended that you must hire SEO expert who knows the above techniques with other ones. Hope you find the right people from the right places.

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  1. SEO services
    September 14, 2011 at 7:44 pm

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  2. Marina
    September 22, 2011 at 4:23 am

    You have really interesting blog, keep up posting such informative posts!