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Social media integration - what the heck is it!

Nowadays increased traffic and business has got so easy with social media integration in a site. Haven't tried yet!
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Social media integration: How far important for every modern website

Today if somebody says – “I have not heard about social networking”, we feel hurt. Even you can find out a few people say – “I cannot live without FB”. So this way or that, while busy work culture is snatching our minimum time to socialize, we have to thank Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and other sites which pull our friends together to communicate through sharing thoughts! For so much popularity today businesses have plunged with a social face (presence in social media). It is true that social media integration has given businesses wider reach to customers, better interaction, collection of feedback, branding of products and a lot many other benefits.

So typically rendering top class web design & development services to the businesses, we, Infowaylive – a PHP developer India, feel really happy when they ask us about benefits of social media integration. We tell them the few benefits:

  • Wider reach and chance of branding: There should not be any doubt that social sites have millions of users. So if you go for major social media integration on your site, you are offering the visitors a chance to share your products to hundred of friends at a time. Simply your product or services are getting branded. Just installing the social media sharing tools in your site and see how people sharing your offers to the world. To your advantage you also get quite a good number of traffic.
  • Increased business & customer base: Sometimes it is found that you have some mandatory option of log in to your site! And the visitors may feel reluctant to fill in the registration form. Would you like the visitors leaving your site? No! Why don’t you provide them a chance to login through Social media info? They can just click and register. You just have to go for social media integration into your site. People would find it and use to interact fast with you. At the same time you are getting authenticity of the user. So the customer base is also increasing.
  • Keeping the world updated about your business: In every possible way you would like to keep your existing customers and the potential ones updated about your new product or services. And here is the best opportunity to do that fast and best possible way. There are RSS or other feed options but people again may not like to subscribe! Better keep the world updated though social networks. You just have to go for social media integration in your site and with various widget you may so the update in your site.
  • Better interaction & feedback possibility: You know how important the customer feedback are to a businessman! Would you mind if the users connect to the social site and leave a feedback about your product? Start a forum type of discussion for any product or services on your social media profiles and ask the opinion of the visitors (you are going to get huge number of opinions for sure)! Ask the web developers for social media integration in your site today!

Hopefully you have understood the benefits of social networking connection in your site. But remember one thing for sure – you have to take help of experts for social media integration in your site. Many a times it is found that inexperienced people fail to help you in right path. Never take any chance of that sort. Go for proper social media integration in your site and take the chance of growth while people turn more social!

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