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70% of online traffic is now mobile. PHP, Ruby on rails and Python web development platforms getting popular to build large scale mobile websites backend.

After design and development from any offshore PHP development company, getting proper search engine optimization solutions is a must to bring traffic to your website. Without visitors, all your initiative will go in vain! Nobody wants to find his or her site with least visitors. But to get visitors you need to hire SEO expert for best search engine optimization solutions from a SEO services company.

As it is told in the beginning, optimizing websites for better search engine result position and ranking is needed. Infoway as a SEO services company can help you with proper process of SEO.

Basically the search engine optimization solutions consist of two parts – “on-page optimization” and “off-page optimization”. You need to hire SEO expert from a SEO services company to optimize your website with the help of these two processes. First we will try to come across the on-page search engine optimization solutions:

  • Website code and structure analysis: Before starting any SEO process the complete analysis of structure and coding of any site is done. If you hire SEO expert with little knowledge and experience in analysis, every other step will bring wrong result for sure.
  • Keywords research: Choice of proper keywords is crucial for the success of all search engine optimization solutions. If you are looking for the best SEO services, company you are choosing for the purpose has to provide experts. Remember, depending on the keywords, your website is going to gather visitors.
  • Meta tag optimization: Without proper Meta elements – description, keywords etc. your site will not be able to represent itself properly to the search engines. Consequently the site will not find visitors.
  • Title & other html tag optimization: You have to hire SEO expert who will certainly care the other tags also. Title tag is important for the search engines and the common visitors, as they too see the title in the SERP. Other tags need the same care.
  • Content optimization: When you are looking for SEO services company for search engine optimization solutions, it has to have content development team. Content optimization (proper distribution of keywords, correct density) of your site can attract the visitors through search engines. Again keyword-stuffed content decreases visitors as well as ranking. So hire SEO expert who can guide optimized content writing.
  • Sitemap and robots.txt file creation: To get proper result or effect of search engine optimization solutions sitemap and robot.txt file is essential. These two files guide the search robot to properly read your site and help indexing it. So you have to hire SEO expert who knows the creation and use of these files.
  • Search engine submission: To get better visibility, your site needs to be submitted to several search engines. You need to hire SEO expert who knows at which stage of search engine optimization solutions, submissions are needed.
  • Analytics integration: You have to get complete visitors analysis (activity) on your site. If you go for SEO services, company from where you are to hire SEO expert has to know integration of website analysis software (say – Google Analytics) to monitor visitor activities.

After having done the on-page SEO, your site needs off-page search engine optimization solutions. This process is little bit time consuming but has equal effect like the on-page. For this purpose you need to hire SEO expert from a reputed SEO services company. Now let us see some off-page optimization matters:

  • Social networking: People are now connected to each other through social networking sites. Ensure that you hire SEO expert who has knowledge of spreading business talk through Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.
  • Directory and classified ad submission: To get more visibility, submitting URLs of a site in several online web directories is really essential. On the other hand submitting URL of your site in classified advertisement directory will raise the visibility of your site immensely. But choose a reputed SEO services company to hire SEO expert to get this part of the search engine optimization solutions done properly.
  • Link building: The one of the major parts of off-page optimization is link exchange. If you can hire SEO expert from a SEO services company that has grown mature enough in proper link exchange, your site will get fast rise in SERP and page rank also.
  • Article marketing & blogging: Writing articles that are really informative always brings visitors. But again you need to get the SEO services company that can offer you content writers to create quality search engine friendly articles and blog topics.
  • Paid promotional campaign: The paid campaigns or advertisements are very effective. Just for example the Google AdWords. In these campaigns visitors are attracted to click on your ads and you “pay per click”. This part of search engine optimization solutions can turn costly if you can not hire SEO expert from an experienced SEO services company with knowledge on PPC campaign.

In this way you can gather lots of visitors to your site. But your SEO services company has to be expert like Infoway. We give best search engine optimization solutions. You can hire SEO experts from us at an affordable cost. And we guarantee better ranking and position.

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