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Every one of us desires to build a quality website and the performance of which will be beyond any question. The functionality of the site will simply provide the users unique experience of surfing. Yes, this can be possible if you build the website from a top class professional web design and development company. And just finding such a company will not be the solution. You need to find that the company provides the clients with top web testing services. A lot of things depend on the web tester. Again testing may be done through the automatic process. But that never provides the subtle result of manual web testing.

Now let us first have a look on a few testing types to know why a tester is in need or why you should think twice before avoiding a little expense of hiring tester or getting manual web testing services.

Graphical User Interface testing: In graphical user interface (GUI) a web tester tests the logging options, choosing menus and other visual representations in a site. And this test is a very important part of web testing services.

Browser compatibility testing: In this test a web tester certifies a web page of its compatibility in several browsers (Mozilla, IE, Chrome, Safari etc). An avoidance of this vital part of web testing leaves very bad impression on viewers’ mind! A manual web testing of popular browsers compatibility can only prove 100% perfectness.

White box testing: Hire tester who knows how to perform white box manual web testing for checking the flow of data, control, information and coding procedures of different modules and their performance according to design.

Black box testing: This type of web testing services mainly concentrates about the operation of any functionality with different aspects of input test-data against expected outputs. This web test find matches of the actual result with expected result of any functionality.

Security testing: It is important that a web tester ensure security testing with other web testing services. The programming is tested to prove secure network, product transaction, payment procedure security and strength against penetration of outside vulnerabilities.

Cookie testing: Hire tester who knows well about cookie testing. Cookies are used to maintain session and store encrypted information on user machines. This part of web testing services is must to follow up if cookies are functioning well, not over used or corrupted.

Load testing: One of the important factors of web testing is load testing. A web tester must certify that a website is performing at its best with maximum volume of users at a time. The programmers should know how far user load a website is capable to withstand clash.

Stress testing: Hire web tester who knows to certify the stress factor of a website. Stress testing determines if a software or program is stable both under initial and extreme operational capacity.

Unit testing: In web testing services, unit testing is found with best result in fixing flaws. In this test a web tester checks the functioning of small units of any programming software and determines if it fits to be implemented with larger modules.

Usability testing: In this manual web testing the user experiences about the design. And the functionalities of a website is judged. A website owner may hire web tester of greater experience and capability to conduct this manual web testing. This test calculates friendliness of a lame user in using a site.

However, now after getting little information on various web testing processes, we may easily have a look on why you should hire tester from a professional testing provider for automated and manual web testing services:

  • Quality assurance: Without hiring web tester you can never be 100% assure of the quality of the product you are getting. Manual web testing guarantees 99% accuracy.
  • Security assurance: Why you are thinking of taking chance on security issue! Manual web testing services can only assure you the level of security your web product has got. You can become tension free to a great extent if an experienced web tester certifies your web development, say for an ecommerce site.
  • Assurance on objective of development: Every project has some distinct objective to achieve. Again there can be some suggestion and enhancement for the improvement. Only going for the manual web testing services, you come to know about the possible suggestions on development issues.
  • Assurance against return on investment (ROI): Whatever investment you made on your development procedure you hope to get the best output. But how you can be sure that you are getting what you have been promised? If you simply go for manual web testing services, the tester certifies or notifies what you have got. You are confirmed that your investment has not gone to oblivion.

In this way you certainly should not take chance in avoiding web testing. Most importantly if you get such an easy opportunity to hire web tester from one of the leading automated and manual web testing service provider – Infoway – why wait!


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